The Fall of Troy

from Mukilteo, Washington

The Fall of CHON

Howdy all!

We are ecstatic to announce a couple of things today.

1. Audiotree is releasing the "CHON-Troy" performance. We had so much fun collaborating that the fire marshal shut down our set prematurely. Due to that fact as well as the fact that we had so much fun and awesome chemistry, we decided on #2

2. We decided bring along the CHON brethren to join us and Rolo Tomassi on our European tour this August. Oh yeah, 3 things to announce.

3. We are going to be touring Europe this August with Rolo Tomassi and CHON. WUT?!!!!!!

We hope you are as stoked on this line up as we are. Make sure you pick up your tickets for those shows (, as well as head over to Audiotree to check out the 4 song set we did before the fun pigs showed up in Austin!

Love you guys, and more excitement to come! Long Live CHON-TROY!!!!!! :)


Thomas, Tim, and Andrew

web version of tour poster
printable version of tour poster here

Tour Dates